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Clarity session

You are a sensitive and intuitive woman. You know there’s so much inside of you. You want to give and share, but it feel’s like something is holding you back. 

Sometimes we have blind spots and we can’t see ourselves clearly. You notice for example a problem or block coming back again and again, without seeing/understanding clearly what’s happening and how to move forward. That’s where you could use another person who can see you clearly  ❤️

In this session I help you see clearly and tune to your own inner knowing, so you can move forward with more confidence and ease. I use different methods like cards, meditation, breath and observation. 

This session will help you if you feel unsure, disconnected and/or overwhelmed, but also if you feel great and you could use some extra clarity moving forward. Or maybe you are in a stage where you’re not sure what the next step is for you in your life, work and/or business. 

Because it's a challenging time for all of us - also financially - I'm offering this session for € 11,11 

We’ll do this session ONLINE in Zoom. If you’re Dutch we’ll do the session in Dutch 😀
Ones you booked this session I’ll contact you within a day to make an appointment 😍

Do you have any questions before booking this session or do you want to ask something else? Sent me a message: 

Yes, I would love to get clarity