Episode #15 Remember how powerful you are

There are so many stories going around right now about this virus and the meaning behind it all. I think it’s important to stay connected to our own heart and (inner) truth and not adopt any story or paradigm as the absolute truth. We can get lost in our environment easily, especially when we’re going through massive change and we’re afraid.

Our mind wants to stay in control, where’s it going, what’s happening? We’re trying to make sense of it. This makes sense, but ask yourself: what’s true for me right now? What do I feel in my heart?

It’s a good thing to stay informed, but be mindful about your own thoughts. If you ask me, the problem isn’t what’s happening outside ourselves (even though it always seems that way), but the way we percieve something/look at something. Am I looking at something through the lens of fear of love?

Your body physically reacts to your beliefs and emotions, so what you believe really matters! Our spirit and mind our powerful.

Sometimes we forget we are POWERFUL CREATORS, not victims of our environment. We don’t need our environment to  be powerful, because our true power is INSIDE us. We are all connected in a field of energy and vibration, so what you belief and your energy matters. You make an impact on yourself and others just through your energy.

Change can be scary and hard, but I truly feel that everything happens for a reason. Life happens for us not against us. 😊

X Marleen

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