Episode #14 Joe Dispenza course, letting energy move & integration

In this episode I talk about my week with Joe Dispenza. I’ve been practicing Joe Dispenza’s online course for advanced students this week and I noticed some shifts. I tried to do everything at the same time early this week (being a mom, working and the inner work 4 hours a day), but of course this didn’t work. 😅

I felt resistance yesterday, a headache, fatigue, crying etc. This was all energy in motion (or turbulence) and I needed some time and space to integrate and release this energy today. Luckily I do have time today and I notice a big shift now that I allow myself the time to integrate.

The more you’re able to let energy move through you, the more you’re able to be present and connect to your inner guidance and source energy. This is why I say this energy work MATTERS. It can make the difference between living a live being lost in the world around you and living from your own being and connection. 😊

On April 11 at 10.11 me and Naomi are giving an ONLINE energy management workshop for women. We’ll cover the basics of awareness and managing your own energy. How do you connect to you and how do you manage emotional triggers? I believe empowerment is key right now, and if you know how to do the inner work, you’ll be able to shift your own energy and influence the world around you in a positive way. ❤️

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