Episode #13 Why you can’t fix a problem from your mind and what to do instead

I woke up in the middle of the night overly analysing something. I couldn’t sleep and I got up to meditate to get out of my own way. In this podcast I share why it doesn’t work to beat a problem to death in your mind and what to do instead. I think it’s such an important skill these days to be able to get out of a highly analytical (high beta brain waves)state of being – which is stressful and creates fear- back to a state of relaxation and trust.

On April 11th me and Naomi are giving a basic workshop Energymanagement for women in Amsterdam at the studio: www.sanatanayogamsterdam.com We’ll teach you the basics of managing your own energy. You’ll learn where to start, what’s truly important if you want to be yourself and have energy and how to practice and apply this in your life.

Can’t make it or you don’t live in Amsterdam? I’m creating an online training as well 🙂 If we’re not able to teach this workshop offline because of the current situation, we’ll move it online 🙂

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