Episode #10 The process I use to navigate emotional reactions

In this episode I share one of my most important practices. In my experience if you get a grip on your emotional reactions (triggers) it makes it easier to connect to yourself and follow your own guidance.

If we are reactive we get easily sidetracked from our own intentions, creations and vision, from our own energy. Sometimes we get sidetracked and stuck for a long time. Emptying yourself by letting energy move whenever it comes up in the moment is how you improve your connection to your intuition and inner guidance.

This is the process/practice I use on a daily basis:

Step 1. Acknowledgement.
Notice the trigger. Say how/what you feel. Notice fysical symptoms, feelings and sensations. Notice the story in your mind and try to disconnect from it.

Step 2. Allow/welcome/open up to the sensations.
Am I able to be a loving and open presence when these sensations move through me? Feeling this with acceptance & love.

Step 3. Release.
Scream, breathe, run, walk, bathe, shake, do yoga, whatever you need
to let this energy move without pushing it away, hiding, running, or venting it in an unhealthy way.

Step 4. Integration.
This is where you make sense of it in your spirit, mind and body. This is where you share, or journal, or sit with it etc., so next time you’ll be more prepared. This is how you grow & evolve.

It helps to have an awareness practice and to start your day with meditation and intention. Otherwise you might get lost in your thoughts and emotions at the start of your day and it’ll be more difficult to get a grip on your emotional reactions from this place. It also helps to write down your responses and thought patterns so you’ll be more prepared next time.

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