Energy management for women

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Energy management for women 

Your ability to tune and connect to your own energy and vibes and live from this place makes the difference between feeling overwhelmed, drained and lost and being your radiant self in this world.

As women we usually learn to take care of everybody else and put ourselves second. From a young age we learn to live a life other people expect from us, and we become very analytical and overly focused on our environment. We lose touch with our body and intuition. Over time this disconnect drains our energy and resources and leaves us feeling exhausted, anxcious and lost. 

In this workshop we cover the basics of restoring this connection with our source energy and vibes. What does it mean to be yourself? How do you tune to your own energy? How do you seperate yourself from your environment? How do you recharge your battery when you are losing energy, and why do you lose energy in certain situations with certain people? 

After this workshop you’ll have a good understanding about tuning to your own energy and how to stay in your energy, and you’ll walk away with some great tools and practices to help you tune in your every day life. 

This is for you if you:

- often feel tired and your energy levels go up and down.
- if you feel like your environment is controlling how you feel.
- often lose track of your own desires, needs and vision.  
- lose energy in certain public places or company.
- get overwhelmed by intense emotions.
- want to be more present and less caught up in your thoughts. 

You’d like to:

- experience more flow and ease and less stress and force.
- get a handle on your own energy and simply have more of it.
- emotionally be more balanced and not so overwhelmed.
- feel more empowered and connected on a daily basis.  
- experience more joy, love, satisfaction and peace.

Yes, I would love to join