Episode #8 Everything needs to be perfect before I show up: what am I hiding from?

I noticed myself sitting behind my computer getting frustrated. When I stepped away from my computer and took a walk I realized I got caught up in perfectionism, which is how I avoid being vulnerable, really showing up and being seen. I asked myself: what am I hiding from? The answer was very clear. It’s time for me to connect and work with people.

Perfectionism says: if everything is perfect I can show up and be seen. If my website is perfect I can go out and meet people. If my offering is perfect I can connect to a customer. If I’m perfect I can get on a stage and share my story. In other words: it never get’s there! If I’m in this mindset, I’ll never take the next step. I’ll never step up and show up. It’s the perfect excuse to stay small. It also kills your creativity and spontaneity.

I also share about one of my deep fears from childhood when it comes to being seen and showing up.

I think this is very important to share, because lots of us get caught up in perfectionism and stay here for a long time, sometimes without realizing it. If you can relate, please let me know in the comments or connect in another way.

x love Marleen

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