Hi, I'm Marleen

I'm here to help you connect to your inner guidance, so you can experience more energy, freedom & joy  

I’ve experienced almost 20 years of recurring periods of fatigue, anxiety, depression and even breastcancer.

The shift towards greater energy, health and joy came with raising my level of awareness. I started living from the inside out, following my own inner guidance. 

I’m here to share all my experiences, insights & practices with you, to inspire you to (re)connect to your own inner guidance and intuitive seeing, and be the greatest expression of you 🙂

The girl with the big heart

I created a FREE book to inspire you and give you insight in the different steps you can discover in your own hero's journey. Including part of my story in audio and 2 guided meditations. 


The wild woman

What does it mean to live a life from your inner guidance and intuition? What happens when you take this 'leap of faith' and what challenges are there along the way? I'm sharing my experiences and insights in my podcasts. 

I also share guided meditations and other practices you can use at home 🙂    

What people say

Marleen is a superb teacher who blends technical proficiency with graceful personality. I come away from every session feeling true rejuvenation in mind, body and spirit.


You teach from the heart which is like a balm for my soul, and you give me a warm and loving safe haven so I can truly be myself. I’ll start feeling stressed and barely able to hide my negativity, and I’ll walk out feeling a better and calm person, sometimes on a thinking/discovery path, thanks to you.